Why does a business seller need a business valuation?


Why does a business seller need a business valuation?
Published on: 31 July 2014

Most importantly, the business needs to be offered at a realistic price and with reasonable terms. In the valuation preparation, a business owners needs to provide as much information as is possible so a professional valuation, marketing package, including a business profile, can be prepared on your company. The quality of the business profile will greatly enhance the 'saleability' of a business. A package prepared by A Neumann & Associates will contain the financial, operational and historical information about the business. Informed buyers make better offers.

Most importantly, though, a business owner needs to continue running the business in a normal manner, keep the business clean and organized (on paper and in person), so potential buyers will like what they see, and to liquidate or set aside obsolete inventory and unneeded equipment before the business is placed on the market.

t is also important to notify our professionals of any material changes in your business and to forward quarterly financial statements as soon as they are completed. This will keep the business' marketing package current and attractive to buyers.

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