Motivated Business Sellers

    Quite often, motivated investors seeking to buy a business approach our firm directly This request can take different forms Investors might respond to a particular business we have advertised for sale (naturally without our firm disclosing the name or location of the company for sale) Another instance an investor might reach out is the desire for an investment in a specific geographical location or market segment/niche for acquisition - and hire [read more]

    Seven Reasons to Use An M&A Advisor To Sell A Business

    Based on many testimonials, the decision to engage a professional to sell your business will be one of the most important investments you can make Sellers tell us how emotional the process can become After all, business ownership has been your life’s work The entire process from preparation to execution becomes much less stressful with the proper M&A advisory team carefully guiding you through the multiple steps For many business owners, t [read more]

    Is Now The Right Time?

    Inevitably, at some point during an initial meeting with a business owner, the question, “Is now a good time for me to sell my business”, is raised  Obviously, this is a key factor in deciding to sell a business, or to even start the process of planning to sell a business, but it is not the only factor In fact, if a business is properly priced and marketed correctly, a business will sell and therefore, it can always be a good time to sell [read more]

    Top 3 Owner Concerns When Selling a Business

    If you are thinking about selling your business, you certainly have many things to think about  The process of selling a privately held company is a unique experience and, if handled properly, can result in an extremely rewarding transaction that fully meets the goals of the owner and the firm  Thoughtful planning and a proactive approach will result in an efficient sale of the business on your terms – a transaction that quickly maximizes fin [read more]

    Why Confidentiality is Paramount

    One of the most critical aspects to executing a successful sale of a business is maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process  This concept may seem obvious to some, however a breach of confidentiality can negatively affect the selling price, derail a deal altogether and cause irreputable harm to the business itself  It is for these reasons that it is imperative that you and your M&A Advisor take all the right steps to protect [read more]

    Justifying an Asking Price for Your Business

    When most people think about selling something, especially something as significant as a business, they typically picture a heated negotiation back and forth between a buyer and seller in order to come to a final deal that perhaps both are unhappy about  That is the last thing we want to take place Most businesses have some complexity, and it is important for a buyer to understand these complexities during the early stages of ownership to [read more]


    You have been working for many years building and growing your business and the goal is to sell it one day Are you doing what is truly needed to make that a reality A proper sale of a business takes a significant amount of time and preparation on the part of the business owner It is highly unlikely that a buyer will just appear one day with an offer you cannot refuse and close a transaction in a couple of months Rather, thoughtful planning and [read more]

    Which Multiplier?

    “I know the value of my business, it’s one and a half times sales,” said the business owner and was firmly convinced that any business appraisal would come to the same conclusion and thus, worthless However, in reality, applying a single multiplier is simply the worst mistake a business owner can do, in particular, if the selling of the business is the last step in monetizing many years of hard work in building the business Indeed, if [read more]

    Properly Pre-Qualified Investors

    Usually, a business owner’s goal is to sell their business to the right buyer for maximum value and to preserve the business’ legacy Most often, business owners have little experience and time to devote to find and qualify prospective buyers Thus, it is therefore advisable for the owner to rely on professional M&A advisors to identify buyers to support the owner in the transfer of the business Prior to identifying and qualifying buyers [read more]

    Get More For Your Business

    You have worked extremely hard for many years building your business into what it is now  Through the ups and downs, you have managed to keep your business viable and successful  It has been a good ride, but the time has come, and it is now time for your business to work for you - you are ready to sell your business How do you get the most out of what will probably be the most important transaction of your life You devise the right pl [read more]
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