How will you keep my business sale confidential?


How will you keep my business sale confidential?
Published on: 31 July 2014

It is very important to maintain confidentiality preventing against employees, vendors, competitors, lenders, landlords and customers learning of a sale. Purchasers often attempt to request more information than they should be entitled to see without proper qualification - and most importantly, they will most definitely request so without a well qualified advisor facilitating the transfer process. Our firm is critical to support a seller's confidentiality.

For example, we ensure complete buyer qualification (as well as a thorough review of the seller's business) to ensure that only parties are introduced which can truly execute a deal. This includes various forms of confidentiality agreements, blind profiles, and generic business advertising. And information is given in stages, as necessary with more sensitive matters only shared well into the process.

By utilizing professionals like our firm, it is ensured that no party has to immediately release their respective identity and throughout the process we establish a communication layer outside of the company and facilitate buyer access to company information. It is outright impossible for a business owner to maintain such a level of confidentiality when selling independently.

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