Tips for Taking Your Sales to A New Level

At the very foundation of all successful entrepreneurs and CEOs are true sales people, who could sell just about everything to just about anyone. With this in mind, to follow in their footsteps and to become a success in the business world, in whatever industry and at whichever level, one must master the art of sales. If you want to find better and more improved selling practices to find the success which you are looking for, here are some of the essentials skills that that are needed.

It is Only a No

The biggest problem with many in sales is that they have the fear, that fear of offending people, of wasting their time, of interrupting them or the fear that they just might get yelled at. Here’s the thing about sales however, the worst thing that can happen is the customer says “no”. Most of us don’t like rejection but to really be a better seller, this is something which must be dealt with. Forget the fear, sell whatever it is your’e trying to, and don’t worry about being rejected, just keep going.

Be Direct

Although we live in a world of digital promise, there is nothing quite like speaking in person with a potential customer and trying sell your products the old fashioned way. Sure, you can canvass your products across websites, you could live chat with potential customers, but nothing makes the sale better than the human element, something which is lost in the digital world in which we live.

No Doesn’t Always Mean No

We mentioned before that the worst thing that can happen is that you are told “no,” but in most cases, that is not the end of a deal. You need to start tuning in to how people reject you, do they reject and then hang up? If so then you are definitely being told no, do they say “no” and then leave a small pause, or ask further questions? If so, then you have got your fish hooked. Don’t ever hear no and simply accept it, no usually just means “convince me more,” so go ahead and convince them.

Sell to the Right People

One issue many people make is trying to sell to the wrong types of customers. Before even picking up the phone or make a meeting with your potential client, you must ensure that you have done the background due-dilligence to make sure that you are at least in the right areja. If you are trying to sell fancy smartphones for example, then calling a farmer in Idaho is probably not going to be a smart move, in the same way that selling agriculture to a New York city lawyer is unlikely to work. Give yourself a head start and contact people who actually may be interested in your products.

Sales is like a game of chess, only you get to pick the opponent, it will then be up to you to convince them that your product is good enough for them to make their queen vulnerable.