Commanding attention in a saturated market: a guide for small business owners

One of the biggest problems for small businesses today is getting noticed in a sea of competitors. While the Internet has opened up a world of possibilities, it has also made it difficult to stand out from other businesses.

What can a startup do to command attention in a saturated market?  Below, we will share a few tips on how to overcome the noise that many entrepreneurs face when marketing their business on the Internet:

1) Use social media creatively

These days, many customers rely on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to make decisions about whether to trust a product or service. When it comes to building a relationship with them, the same rules of social engagement in real life also apply online.

Listen to customers before pitching to them. Asking them about what they want and actually caring about their concerns is vital to success in a social media campaign. Once it is clear how they feel, marketing strategies can be shaped, allowing entrepreneurs to tailor products and services to their target market.

2) Improve web presence using current SEO techniques

Another way to rise above the noise in a niche is to hire an SEO consultant. Knowledgeable about the latest trends in their field, they will be able to optimize a company’s website so its listing will rise up in the ranks of Google and other search engines.

There is more to this than simply building backlinks and stuffing a company’s web page with keywords. From improving a website’s usability, to simplifying copy so that customers can better understand its purpose, there is much that an intelligent SEO consultant can do to improve the web presence of a small business.

3) Work in tandem with an established brand

Building a brand from the ground up can be exhausting work. Why not hitch it to the rocket ship of an established brand? By reaching out to companies that are well-established in their space, small businesses can gain the sort of visibility that their competition dreams about.

By adding value to a larger company’s offerings, smaller businesses can improve their results in a relatively short period of time.

4) Give away product to top flight bloggers

Many people have  blogs and bloggers that they follow. In the past, a great way to increase a startup’s profile was to get their products into the hands of celebrities.

While this is still true in fields with a high degree of traditional media coverage, those in niche industries should endeavor to get their product or service reviewed by an influential blogger.

Once their review goes live on their site, a backlink will be provided, providing a measurable boost in traffic, giving the entrepreneur an opportunity to connect with a flood of new potential customers.