Habits of Business Leaders Who Command Respect

In the business world, success is often not determined by objective markers such as IQ, but by whether one’s peers respect them as a human being.

Having the emotional intelligence to win the respect of those that surround them is an underrated success factor for business leaders looking to achieve their goals.

Below, we will explain how successful business leaders command the respect of those that they lead,  and those who they seek to influence in the marketplace.

1) They set a great example for those under them

Through their actions, great business leaders set an example everyday that inspires those under their command to achieve amazing things.

When they say something, they mean it. When they make promises, they follow through on them. When a member of their team is struggling, they get down in the trenches and help them figure out what they need to do to succeed.

By aspiring to a high standard of professional conduct, these business leaders receive a great deal of respect from employees and executives alike.

2) They speak confidently when expressing their ideas

Language is an area that the respected business professional focuses a significant amount of attention on when they aspire to climb the ladder of success.

When they speak, they don’t bracket their assertions with qualifiers such as “This might be a bad idea, but…” or “This might sounds, stupid, but…”, as it would undermine their credibility.

Those that say such things seek to protect their ego from being injured by others,  but strong business leaders don’t shy away from dissenting opinions, so they don’t feel the need to wrap their statements in protective shells of speech.

This willingness to go out on a limb and expose themselves to criticism earns them considerable respect from their peers.

3) They own their successes and failures

The bold business leader doesn’t shy away from celebrating their successes, nor do they hide from their failures.

On the latter point, many respected business executives view their failures as stepping stones to the former, rather than something that they should be embarrassed about.

When successful people see this degree of maturity concerning the ups and downs of business from a business leader, they tend to have a healthy level of respect for that person.

4) They express the body language of a winner

Anybody can talk a great game, but when it comes to business leaders that dominate their niche,  those that have a confident air about them are usually the ones that end up on top.

Most effective communication is transmitted by body language through cues such as posture,  handshakes and eye contact.

Whether they are looking to impress a client, or do a deal with a fellow entrepreneur, respect is given to those that carry themselves in a confident manner via superior body language.