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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – April – As professional advisors to small business owners, one knows the challenges client’s face, day-in, day-out, particularly, in these times when many businesses face a down turn.

Eventually, every business owner will need to sell the business or close it down. After struggling for success for many years, hard decisions need to be made even if he/she wishes to postpone this. And most probably, the business owner will turn to his trusted financial or legal advisors for deploying an exit strategy, particularly, if the business has experienced a down turn in the economy or if the right timing for a sale of the business was missed.

By structuring a sale taking into account seller and bank financing, assumption of debt and A/P, a business operator can still realize an attractive sale price. Most importantly, a detailed confidential memorandum needs to outline said structure in great detail to ensure the buyer that the needs of both parties are met.

In addition, sophisticated brokerage organizations such a BBN, can rely on the expertise of many parties to make a business transfer a successful closing to the long journey of a business owner. Please contact us for a short ten-minute presentation to outline the resource of our organization and the detailed steps in the business transfer process.

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