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If you own a business and are interested in selling it, you may be considering selling it or transferring it on your own. However, unless you already have someone interested in mind, it pays to work with a business broker. Also, if you want to purchase an existing business venture, an experienced business broker in Worcester, MA can give you the business advice and guidance to help you reach your goal.

At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we are proud of our long history as a professional mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. During our 30-year history, we have had the privilege of assisting business owners and buyers through the entire business transfer process. If you are interested in putting your business on the market or purchasing a new business venture, give us a call today. Let us get to know you and your business interests and help you find the best solution for your particular situation.

Absolute Confidentiality

Before taking the first step in the process of selling your business, you have to be sure that confidentiality will be adhered to at all times. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we understand the value of discretion and confidentiality. There is no reason why your employees, customers, vendors or your competition should find out about the prospective sale until a deal has been closed. Using our expert team of negotiators, we are committed to keeping the identity of your business a secret until the right moment to reveal it.

Establishing an Accurate Valuation for Your Business

There are many reasons why a business owner may decide to put their business up for sale. It may be because they are looking for a new project, or maybe they are ready to retire and need the funds for their future. Whatever the reason, knowing that the correct valuation of their business has been done is the first step towards knowing that the sale and transfer of their current venture will proceed smoothly from beginning to end. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to perform a professional valuation of your business by way of third party, accredited valuation firms, and we take the time to do it as thoroughly and precisely as possible.

We will look at the revenue, and more importantly the cash flow, that the business is generating and compare this figure to the average for similar businesses in the industry, taking into account the geographical location of the business and its potential strategic value for an interested buyer. We will also look at your balance sheet and use it as a starting point to determine the value of your business.

After becoming familiar with your business and reviewing it, you can be assured that the valuation will be accurate.

Organizing the Required Paperwork

Paperwork is an inescapable part of any business transaction, and selling it is no exception. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we can help you retrieve and organize all documents and forms needed, including tax returns, permits and licenses, and more. We also know what documents will be required to show potential buyers to ensure that the transfer and sale of your business is made in a smooth and organized manner.

Vetting Interested Parties

When you have several potential interested investors, or even if there is only one, you need to have the peace of mind of knowing that this is someone who has the financial backing to carry out the transaction. We also vet the parties to confirm whether they have the experience and commitment to finalize such a worthwhile operation. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, our experience has taught us what to look out for and what questions to ask to get the answers you need.

Providing You with The Right Exposure

In order to market the sale of your business the correct way, we put in place the right marketing techniques. This is because our experience has allowed us to confirm that simply posting ads accompanied by a short description of your company is not nearly enough to inspire the right interest. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we implement the most effective marketing strategies to attract the right target audience so that we can sell your business successfully and in the shortest time frame.

We become thoroughly familiar with your business and look for the optimal sites on which to list your business, obviously in a confidential manner not divulging the business name or address. We employ site sourcing tools and have access to the most advanced programs. We will be assisting you from the initial offer to the final closing, always keeping the transaction moving forward.

We Never Forget Outside Fees

Our experience has taught us that there are always outside and unplanned fees. Your landlord may charge you for getting out of the lease before it is up. Or you may be facing steep lawyer’s fees, maybe you have to renew a food and liquor license, or the utilities for the last month will need to be prorated. Our team will make sure you are always apprised of any of these fees becoming due and will always advise you how and when to deal with them.

A Neumann & Associates, LLC, your Business Broker in Worcester, MA

At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we know that, whether you are selling a business or buying a new one, your success strategy should include the advice and guidance of an experienced business broker in Worcester, MA. With our connections and experience, we will help you plan a  successful business strategy that could mean all the difference between an unsuccessful sale and a successful one. Give us a call today, and let’s get started with an initial consultation.

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