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Selling a business is a monumental occasion and one that must be handled with absolute professionality to reach an agreement that compensates the hard work and long hours you’ve put into growing your company up to this point. Working with an established business broker empowers business owners to take a highly selective approach to selecting potential buyers and beginning the mergers and acquisitions process.

The team at A Neumann & Associates, LLC has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 18 years in a row and boasts a portfolio of more than 5,000 valuations since the firm’s inception in 2003. We work with medium and large businesses through various processes, including valuations, professional financial services, and mergers and acquisitions.

Call A Neumann & Associates, LLC today to schedule an initial consultation with a professional Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor and business broker and better understand how we can work together to navigate this complicated process towards a successful outcome.

Understanding the Business Valuation Process

Before entering discussions with potential buyers, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your company’s market value. The analysts at A Neumann & Associates, LLC will go through your financial records to gather critical information about cash flow, debts, operating costs, and more through an accredited valuation process. This will help us establish a clear understanding of your company’s profitability and cash flow, a key factor that will impact your final valuation. This report will take a wide range of factors into accounts, such as the markets you are operating in, the competition you work against, and much more.

Once our analysts have completed this in-depth analysis to establish a current valuation, we will be able to provide you with a range of recommendations that can help increase the value and appeal of your business before we start the process of connecting with qualified potential buyers.

Comparable Company Analysis

This valuation method focuses on external factors in your industry. While the information gathered in this step will not assign a dollar value to your own business, it will give us a good sense of what comparable businesses have been bought and sold for over the past five years. This can establish a reasonable baseline for businesses of a similar size and profitability, which will undoubtedly be an important aspect for potential buyers to consider.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

When an investor enters merger and acquisition talks, one of the most important things to consider is the potential future profits and growth of the business. A solid business with a strong valuation will have great potential for future profits based on past performance, an established position in the market, proven processes, and more. The potential profits that a buyer can anticipate once they acquire your business will play a vital role in the final transfer price.

Post-COVID Business Valuations

2020 was an unprecedented and difficult year for many businesses across the world. While many markets were able to sustain or increase profits through this unanticipated shutdown, other markets suffered from uncertainty, decreased consumption, lack of travel, and more. Economists are looking to the future of the U.S. economy with confidence, and while the repercussions of COVID-19 will continue to echo through the markets well into the future, business futures are starting to look up. You must work with an experienced, proven brokerage team through the valuation process.

The Importance of Confidentiality and Discretion Throughout the Sales Process

A Neumann & Associates, LLC understands the importance of confidentiality throughout the entire mergers and acquisitions process, which is why we focus on maintaining relationships with qualified investors. Other brokerages focus on building lists of buyers to then serve offerings to in hopes of quick turnover, but this process exposes important information about your business and can impact the final sales price.

A Neumann & Associates, LLC focuses on discrete, direct conversations with qualified individuals and teams and maintains confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements and other legal tools to protect critical information about your transaction, and therefore protect the price and success of our transactions.

Vetting Qualified Buyers

One of the most important aspects of a successful business brokerage is identifying and approving qualified potential buyers to protect a seller’s interests from day one of our work together. We vet our potential buyers with a number of measures, including important things like their business history. For instance, have they bought and/or sold successful businesses in the past? More importantly, we will investigate the buyer’s financial liquidity and purchasing ability in depth before releasing any confidential information and entering a serious conversation. Furthermore, we will consider things like the potential buyer’s legal status, such as their ability to operate the business as a foreign national, as well as more subjective things like their plans for the business once the transaction is completed.

Beyond our own requirements for qualified buyers, we will defer to your conditions for the type of buyer with whom you want to enter sales talks. Regardless of the on-paper qualifications and factors that we hold as essential for our clients, your transaction will be dictated by your own needs and requirements. Your business is a part of your legacy, and this transaction will be guided by your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boston Business Brokerages

A Neumann & Associates, LLC understands how important your business sale is, and we encourage you to reach out to us for an initial consultation as soon as possible. The following are a few brief answers to some of the most common questions we answer during these consultations, which we will be happy to expand upon during a direct conversation.

How much do business brokers charge for selling a business?

Our team, as most business brokerages, operates on a commission. This commission will be a percentage of the final transaction, and we will discuss and agree on this commission amount before entering a contract with you. The size of your business will dictate the nature of our commission. There will be no other charges. The best way to get a clear sense of how our charges will work in your unique situation, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our proven team of Boston business brokers.

Should I use a broker to sell my business?

After years of working to grow your business, selling your company will be the final step. To maximize your profit and move forward with a payment that reflects the hard work and value you have put into this business since its inception — or since you first took ownership of the company — you must address every detail of the transaction before connecting with a qualified buyer. Working with a qualified, experienced M&A Advisor and business broker ensures that you maximize the market valuation of your business, navigate the entire sales transaction smoothly, and complete the process expediently.


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