Three Ways To Keep Your Staff Engaged

Landing a position at a new job is a big deal for most people, as the constant learning and challenges that goes on in these professions is enough to keep them engaged in the beginning.

As time goes by though, a variety of issues can cause some employees to drift, reducing their productivity.

Below, we’ll go over a few ways you can successfully engage your staff so that they keep producing positive results for your business, and keep them on board if you decide to sell your business.


1) Keep lines of communication open

While it’s tempting to keep things simple and apply similar strategies across your business, it’s a fact that different people are motivated by different aspects of their job. The best way to figure out what gets various individuals in your team going is to foster a culture of open communication within your organization.

If you actively listen to what your team members are saying, you’ll have the knowledge required to provide them with what they need to excel in their positions.

2) Offset sacrifices with rewards

Often, policies are put into place that ensure that your portion of the company is operating efficiently. However, some of these edicts might rub certain employees the wrong way, which can have the opposite intended effect in the long run.

Negative outcomes can be averted in this situation by rewarding employees that accept these operating procedures.

If you have instituted short lunches to keep business performance levels high, providing food like pizza, gourmet meats and cheese, or sub sandwiches periodically is a great way to keep them in good spirits.

While their colleagues in other companies might have longer breaks available to them, the high quality snacks you might provide your employees on offer whenever they are hungry will keep them happy and productive. This is especially true with millennials.

3) Offer those bored with their position the chance to advance and grow

Over time, even the most interesting jobs can become monotonous, as standard procedures can cause your A players to become restless. Their productivity will begin to decrease, and they might seek opportunities for growth and development outside your company by moving laterally.

This can be combated by offering them the chance to learn more about their field through professional development courses. In addition to refreshing their mindset towards their job, it can help pave the way towards advancing them into a position with added responsibilities, which can only increase their overall value to the organization.

A quality, productive and reliable team is a huge asset for any business owner, and especially one in the market to sell a business. Any investor interested in buying a business is going to be much more attracted if a star team comes along with the deal, and one that will stay loyal.