The case for adding a blog to your website

While most business owners understand the importance of having a web presence in 2016, many do not understand how a blog can be useful for their company and actually be an asset for possible investors/increase a business valuation.

From boosting a business’ profile in the search rankings, to establishing a business as the dominant brand in their market, there are numerous benefits to adding a blog to a website. Below, we will discuss several major reasons considerations for doing so.

They help drive traffic

Links are the backbone of the Internet, as Google and other search engines use them to evaluate a website’s relevance with respect to common search queries. For example, if a website had links going back to it from Inc.com, NYTimes.com, etc, Google would most likely rank it higher than a similar website that didn’t.

Internally linking withing a website is also important as it lets Google and the other search engines more easily crawl and index. While creating internal links across your website (frequent blog postsmakes this easier) is important, external sites that link to a website will make the biggest difference in its overall ranking.

When engaging blog posts relating to a company’s field are written, other sites will often link to them, which will help build the domain authority of the entire site.

Mailing lists help create a pool of potential sales leads

With increased traffic to a businesses’ website comes opportunity. These new visitors can become long-term assets to a company if they can be convinced to sign up for a mailing list.

Using calls to action within blog posts on various topics, visitors may choose to add their e-mail address to a form that can be used at a later date to market specific products, services, or promotions to these opting-in prospects.

Crafting a brand becomes easier

A blog makes it easy to create a narrative around the products that the business sells, which will help differentiate it from the competition.

Combined with social media, a well-written blog can have a real impact within a relatively short period of time, as it allows the author to adopt a persona that appeals to a company’s target demographic.

It will build a businesses’ authority in certain fields

By drawing on their many years of experience in business, the author of a company blog can become an authority figure in a specific field via a series of well-written and promoted articles.

By commenting on current issues in their industry, proposing new ways to approach common problems, and by providing value to customers, the blog will increase the value of the website in the eyes of its regular visitors (as well as potential investors).

As a result, these engaged individuals will be more likely to be patronize the business in the future, as it will have developed a reputation for being a leader in the industry.