How to leverage video to increase business

The expansion of the Internet over the past five years has made video a tool that businesses can use to enhance their profits. There are many ways that a company can use video sharing sites to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Below, we will cover techniques that can get any business started in their video marketing efforts.

Choose a hosting platform

The first thing that a business owner should tackle when creating videos is to choose the platform that will host their content.

YouTube is the most popular option, but entrepreneurs that are concerned with their image may want to choose a platform that is more sophisticated in appearance, like Vimeo.

The latter service specializes in videos that are shot in higher resolution, and it contains subject matter that deals with more serious subjects than what is normally found on YouTube.

Finally, those marketing to younger demographic groups should experiment with Snapchat.  This short form video sharing site is popular among Millennials; as such, businesses that cater to them may experience success reaching out via this medium.

Tailor content to the target demographic

Some companies may offer products that have cross-generational appeal. Because of this, it makes sense to offer videos on all or some of the above-mentioned video sharing services. However, there are different audiences that inhabit each of these sites, making it important to tailor content to the demographic that frequents the video sharing platform where a specific video is uploaded.  Doing so will ensure that the delivered message will resonate properly with targeted customers.

In a competitive industry? Think outside of the box

It can be hard to stand out from many competitors.  When creating video content in a crowded niche, do not be afraid to market differently than other businesses. Using humor or irreverent commentary is an easy way to accomplish this, but if the business deals with serious subject matter, revealing little known facts can help in this quest.

Craft videos in a manner that generates leads

At the end of the day, the videos that are made for a company should help achieve one central goal: an increase in profits. Ensure that the end of any video that is created has a call to action at the end, such as link to a website, or to a webinar where they can learn more about the business.

Add optimized text descriptions

It’s important to include a rich text video description with the keywords that you’re looking to be found for when someone searches on Google. This will add another degree of visibility to your videos as people use text to search for them.