How to Choose the Right Business Broker in Maryland

Growing a successful business in Maryland is quite the challenge, as it is anywhere in the US. For many business owners and entrepreneurs in the state, the light at the end of this long tunnel comes in the form of a lucrative buyout by a bigger entity or eager new operator.

However, getting to this endpoint requires the services of business brokers in Maryland who are competent and trustworthy and finding brokers of that nature can be a challenge. If you are a business owner in Maryland looking to sell your business, here is how to choose the right MD Business broker.

Gather Your Options

To choose the right business broker in MD, you need to take the time to build a list of qualified professionals to sift through. The best way to collate this list is to ask the people in your circle of operation for referrals. This is because being recommended or spoken about positively by others is a sign of competence. Ask other business owners who you know have successfully grown and sold their own companies, or ask any financial planners, accountants, estate attorneys, or other professionals in related fields who might know of reputable business brokers. These referrals can form the basis of your list. You can also search online to see if there are any brokers that have positive reviews. If there are any, add them to your list.

Create a Shortlist From Your Options

Go through your list and scrutinize each potential brokering company carefully. Firstly, take a look at their website. Does their website contain adequate information about the company, its principals and their working experience? How many business sales have they brokered since inception?

Go deeper and ask more questions. How long have they been in business? Can you verify their certification claims? Do they specialize in mergers and acquisitions advisory and business brokerage or are they just glorified real estate brokers? Do they have sufficient experience with finance and tax-related issues? Is their reputation solid, or do past employers speak poorly of them? These questions will help you identify which business brokers to shortlist and invite for further discussions and whom to screen from your list.

Interview Shortlisted Candidates

Once you have screened the initial candidates, you need to have a serious conversation with the remaining brokers so you can choose the right one for your business. In the interviews, ask important questions that highlight their competence. Do they have an existing business valuation plan that can be shared with you? Will an independent valuation firm be carrying out the process or will it be done in-house? Do they have a discreet, yet effective marketing plan in place to attract buyers? How will they screen buyers to weed out the unserious ones?

Consider the Cost

If a business broker in MD is able to sell your business successfully, the typical charge for this service can be between 7%-15% of the gross value of the sale. This, however, is variable and should be negotiated before engaging the services of the broker. Fees higher than 15% are usually unjustifiable and should not be entertained. Also, business brokers who request large advances/retainer fees should be avoided.

Successfully surpassing the challenge of growing a business in Maryland should be rewarded with a profitable sale. Use the guide above to choose the right business broker in Maryland to help you get the sale you deserve.