Business Intermediaries: Why You Should Use Them!

The process of getting the best deal in business acquisition negotiations is something that most buyers will have little or no practical experience with. Without this knowledge, it is unlikely that a buyer will possess the expertise required to perform a superior asset valuation, assess business growth potential or negotiate the terms and clauses in a sale contract. For these reasons, bringing in the professional knowledge and expertise of a qualified Business Intermediary is a wise decision when beginning the process of buying any business. Here are just a few of the ways that a unique skill set of a Business Intermediary can aid buyers:

  1. The business acquisition process is complex and requires a lot of attention to detail. A Business Intermediary will guide a buyer through this process, ensuring that the numbers are evaluated properly, approvals are in place and the purchase is structured so that it offers protection to the buyer. Whether you are a first-time buyer or have purchased several other businesses in the past, the experience of someone who specializes in this process is invaluable when it comes to protecting your interests.
  2. A Business Intermediary will help a buyer identify the business that makes the most sense to purchase for his/her particular circumstances. With access to an extensive inventory of potential sellers, the Business Intermediary will take the time to learn about your background, preferences, strengths and weaknesses and work to help you decide which option is best suited to you. A Business Intermediary will hold a wide range of knowledge and experience which spans different industries to help you locate the right business to approach with regards to a sale.
  3. Business Intermediaries will leave no stone unturned when it comes to completing business valuations. A Business Intermediary will help to assess the business’ financial viability, will help to validate its legal status with the Secretary of State and calculate brand strength across a number of platforms, including social media, website(s), print advertising and networking. They will factor in the full range of ratios, trends, comparables and addbacks into their calculations to achieve a valuation that is a close to “perfect” as possible.
  4. The services of a Business Intermediary are an essential tool for negotiating the deal that is the most advantageous to a buyer. Working as a buffer between the buyer and seller, the Business Intermediary promotes open and constructive discussions between both parties. An experienced Intermediary will instinctively be aware of which issues are priorities for both parties and know how to put together a financial package that meets the needs of the seller without compromising on the issues that are important to the buyer.
  5. A Business Intermediary will be able to present a buyer with the full range of financing options available to them in their circumstances. The Business Intermediary will also have useful contacts across a broad range of sectors so that you have all bases covered as the transaction goes through, including insurance brokers, CPAs, merchant services and marketing firms.
  6. A Business Intermediary will help you to minimize costs associated with the eventual closing process. The Intermediary will have all the forms and documents already on hand which are necessary to make an offer, formalize clauses and contingencies, obtain assurances over asset transfers and settle on a final transaction contract.

Before you commit to contracting a Business Intermediary, you should first consider the following:

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