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A business broker assists in the purchase and sale of a small businesses. They help companies secure favorable pricing, file their documentation correctly, and they help to fulfill your licensing and permit requirements.

Business brokers are paid by commissions based on a percentage after the sale of your business. Each state has its own business brokering regulations. If you’re interested in working with an experienced business broker in Miami, FL, contact A Neumann & Associates, LLC for a free consultation today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Business Broker

Business brokers provide several advantages to their clients. Executing company purchases and sales can be complicated, and selling your business can cause headaches due to the challenging transfer process.

Keep in mind that your Miami business brokers should have some general knowledge of the tax and legal implications involved in your transaction, although most brokers refer a seller to a professional in such professions. This will help you save on the costs associated with selling your business.

It may prove difficult to find capable professionals to outsource this complicated work to; however, your broker can advocate on your behalf to find the right people to help you along. Business brokers allow business owners to focus on the day-to-day operations of their business without getting distracted by the buying or selling process.

Florida business brokers can also help to pinpoint suitable companies ready for purchase. They can also negotiate on your behalf to help increase the likelihood of purchasing a business. Typically, business brokers ensure a smooth transition and favorable pricing.

Business brokers can use their relationships to help buy and sell your business but they also know how to market a company for sale. Often, your Miami business broker will be able to identify serious buyers with adequate financial capital who are ready to make a deal.

Brokering services aren’t free though. Business brokers get paid through commissions based on a percentage of the sale price they broker. For most companies, that may represent money well spent once a deal is made. Others, meanwhile, may prefer to cut costs by hiring a broker to handle part of the negotiations.

Business Brokers vs. M&A Advisors

M&A Advisors guide businesses through the complicated world of mergers and acquisitions. M&A advisors and business brokers usually differ based on the size of deal. M&A advisors typically are investment bankers working on an international scale, handling complex deals, and sales over multiple locations.

Business brokers typically specialize in smaller, main street companies. These businesses are usually valued below $100 million in revenue and are usually owned by individuals or families who work there full-time. If you’re in need of professional brokering services, speak with A Neumann & Associates, LLC right away.

Differences Between Real Estate Brokers and Business Brokers

Most real estate brokers are not business brokers, but some are. The representation and sale of a business versus real estate require different sales strategies and processes. Some business brokers maintain real estate licenses to sell real estate in conjunction with the sale of a business, as a matter of fact, it is required in the State of Florida

Why use a Miami FL Business Broker?

Miami business brokers can provide value and service throughout the business buying and selling process. They also offer valuation expertise, understand the market, have access to recent sales statistics, and apply various strategies to guide you on the most probable selling price.

Your business broker can help maintain confidentiality for your business sale by exhibiting the business only to prospective qualified buyers. Most business owners do not want their staff, customers, or suppliers to know they are considering selling. Your Florida broker can secure confidentiality agreements, screen candidates, and parse out the release of information.

Your business broker should also have a keen eye for marketing. Professional business brokers can advise you on preparing your business for sale and can build a marketing campaign to expand your exposure.

Business brokers are vital to the negotiation process by serving as an advisor to the seller at all stages of the transaction. They can use their vast knowledge about negotiating prices and other key aspects to facilitate your sale. They can do this by following up with potential deals in the early stages. They also are engaged throughout the negotiations process by advocating for the best deals.

Business brokers are also trained in the due diligence documentation necessary to protect you from delays and problems that could potentially wreck a deal.

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