Buy/Sell Ideas for 2009

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ. – February –We wanted to briefly get in touch with you with some perspectives for 2009 – from an organization that has lived through several economic cycles and challenges as we experience today. On the buy side, the infinite pursuit of determining the “best buying point” in a market often results in missing great opportunities. If you are in a buying position, whether due to unemployment, change of professional interest or other circumstances, this period is a great time to seriously consider to purchase a business. Many Business owners want to retire and are ready to “strike a deal”. And there are, indeed, quite a few better spots for a buyer to invest her/his funds instead of putting money into 2% CDs or 0.3% Treasury Bills. Moreover, all of “our” sell clients will provide some type of seller financing and are willing to hold a note. And commercial financing is still readily available – albeit at more stringent lending terms (and we will be happy to help you finding the “way through the jungle”. And as a buyer, remember that most sellers continue to “make money” in their business and are not obligated to sell and thus, can “wait out” low price offers to wait for an offer reflecting the Fair Market Value of their business. Consequently, waiting might carry very little upside for a buyer, but indeed only the downside of losing a perfectly good opportunity. On the sell side, sellers “waiting for better times” might not be pursuing the best strategy. Buyers and banks typically look at the past three years tax returns and any drop in company performance will remain “visible” for four years out – and needs to be dealt with honestly in conversations with buyers. Add to that, that it typically takes one year to sell a company, the realistic time frame “to wait” moves out by five years – a period not necessarily consistent with the personal plans of a business seller. A better strategy will be to work with a qualified broker to evaluate different scenarios and then to implement a plan. With over 450 offices in the field and 25 years in existence, times have never been better to seriously discuss with us a business purchase. We have easy access to bank financing for acquisitions making it possible to structure an attractive deal for you, and our tax experts can provide tax free buyer access to 401k plans, or even setting you up for an exit strategy many years out. We provide valuations in determining a fair market value for a business (on the buy and sell side). Please give us a call – with many years of experience in M &A we are certain we can provide you with an attractive deal.

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