After the initial review of 2007 results, very few recessionary trends were found among the businesses held by A Neumann & Associates

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS  APRIL, 2008 – A Neumann & Associates, a business brokerage firm serving the metropolitan Jersey area and New Jersey shore, has undertaken the first review of 2007 results for its client companies.

We have noticed continued strong performances by our sellers, said Achim Neumann, President of the company, and very little of a recession trend could be found in 2007. The 07 tax returns are coming in very strong, and our sellers continue to expect their businesses to be strong and profitable in 2008. These results are even more so surprising since many businesses for sale are contracting businesses, reflecting the superior offering portfolio of this leading business brokerage firm in selecting companies it represents.

Incorporated in 2003 as part of the Business Brokers Network (BBN), Dallas, a leading brokerage operation with 450 offices in the US and a twenty five successful history, A Neumann & Associates has succeeded in providing business buyers with access to approximately thousand businesses available nationwide via its sophisticated national web site.

Specifically, the company provides buyers of New Jersey businesses with a complete acquisition package, including a third party valuation of companies offered, buyer referral to multiple SBA financing sources and tax advisory experts, including tax free dissolution of 401k plans. The twenty-year experience of its principal in structuring deals to the benefit of buyers and sellers has been essential for first time buyers.

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