The Road Beyond

What Nobody Tells You About Selling a Midsized Business

Fascinating Insights Into Selling a Privately Held Business by a Veteran Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

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Hundreds of insider tips, cautionary tales, positioning ideas, workarounds and profit maximization strategies for a winning edge in selling (or buying) a small to midsize business - compiled over thirty years by Achim Neumann, founder of a leading brokerage and M&A firm on the East Coast. Knowing these insides tricks will be crucial in successfully completing the sale of a business, can easily amount to thousands of dollars in additional income and are usually not shared by professionals.

Business sellers, owners and their advisors can utilize these ideas to detect and improve profit problems in preparing a businesses for sale. Without question, successful business owners know a lot about managing their business but selling a business is for most businesses owners a “first” and one-time (new) event - and essentially the last chance to capture a significant financial gain.

Buyers (and their advisors) obtain insight into the many mistakes that can turn a business buyer’s dream of owning a business into a living nightmare. The book outlines how to avoid these mistakes, and how to detect the business’ potential opportunities – including the ones the seller has not recognized.

The presented information is sorted into various chapters, typically the sequence of events for most business sellers:

Chapter 01:A Real Soul-Searching Mission Needed
Chapter 02:The Process of Selling a Business
Chapter 03:Why Use an M&A Advisor or a Business Broker?
Chapter 04:The Need for a Business Valuation
Chapter 05:What Drives a Business’s Value?
Chapter 06:Tax and Legal Experts
Chapter 07:Marketing Documents
Chapter 08:Marketing Campaign
Chapter 09:Business Buyers
Chapter 10:Buyer Introduction and Offer Negotiation
Chapter 11:Due Diligence Period and Acquisition Financing
Chapter 12:Deal Closing
Chapter 13:Post Closing Concerns
The Top 15½ Deal Killers

Please to read the foreword, written by a well-known B2B business owner providing key services to Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical industry nationwide. Please for the author’s background.

Please note business owners should always have highly qualified professional M&A advisors, in conjunction with transaction attorneys and CPAs, facilitating the sale of their businesses


“Uniquely among the business brokers I’ve met over the decades, Achim comes from an investment banking background, and it shows in how he approaches the sale of businesses. They are head-and-shoulders above anyone else, and I would recommend no other.”
Joe Worth, Partner
Certified Business Transition Expert™, B2B CFO®

“Achim and Gary did an excellent job giving my Rutgers MBA students insight into mid-market M&A, especially from the sell side. Their client focus, thoughtful ethics, and good humor came through clearly in a highly interactive session.”
Dr. Doug Miller
Associate Professor, Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School

“We are dealing with a lot of M&A advisers … this firm always follows up and is very diligent in its preparation and introduction. [The seller] picked the right advisors.”
Bruce Hartman
Investor & Former CFO, Footlocker

“[Y]our confidential memorandum materials were professional, well put together, and very helpful in assessing the business opportunity; much better than what I have seen from other brokers. I have been in business for over 35 years, managed several different companies, and certainly appreciate concise information.”
Kenneth W.
Investor, Franchise Retail Facility

“We wanted a career change and Mr. Neumann presented different options to us. He explained everything to us in great detail. Best of all, the sale was held completely confidential and none of our employees knew about it, or left later on.…”
David Long
Seller, HVAC & Plumbing Company

“[N]ow, I know what a business broker is needed for … without Mr. Neumann I would have never closed the deal.…”
Jim Aridas
Purchaser, Contracting Business

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