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Client Testimonials

Please know that I was very impressed with the complete and professional information package provided by Neumann Associates.
Claudio R., Investor
You have been extremely professional and we won’t forget it
Lisa Chiarolanzio, Seller
October 2010
I just picked up our final payment on the business from Jim. Just wanted to thank you once again for finding us a good buyer. That sale was huge in our lives and you will always be the hero to me
Paula Long, Seller
February 2010
In spending about a year searching for a small business, I have found it frustrating at times dealing with brokers. You contact them on listings only to wait for responses that never come. After many listings I ran into Achim Neumann at Neumann and Associates. When I first contacted them I was finally surprised at a level of service. Neumann and Associates were quick to respond. They listened and worked hard toward finding me a good match. I would recommend Achim Neumann and his company. They even have a newsletter
Doug Kelly, Investor
November 2008
I had been looking for a business for 2 ½ years until Mr. Neumann located the right one for me … throughout all this time we had looked at different ones, and Mr Neumann was very helpful in giving me advice
Andy Patterson, Purchaser
February 2007
I wanted to sell the company after my husband passed away, and Mr. Neumann had a buyer for us within ten days after we signed an agreement with him… and throughout the whole process, it was kept completely confidential
Rosemary Wendruff ,Seller
January 2007
there were many requirements by the franchisor but Mr Neumann worked through it diligently and closed the deal for us
Nick Imperato, Seller
December 2006
quite frankly, your material and presentations put all other brokers to shame
Michael Smith
August 2006

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