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Client Testimonials

Thank you for your integrity and business ethics during the acquisition process
Rob B., Purchaser
Gary Herviou is a first class individual and a very competent professional. He is also part of an organization that has access to a tremendous amount of information on potential buyers, current sales trends and what the banks are doing in terms of business loans
Rob Robison, Seller
April 2012
Gary, thanks again for such an informative meeting about things to consider when valuing a business….You did a great job delivering valuable insight
Jeannie Angelo, Investor
February 2012
We never believed that any firm representing our business would be able to bring so many qualified buyers to us as your firm did. And best of all, our transaction was all done in confidence – neither our employees nor our customers learned anything about the transaction throughout the process. I would recommend your firm to any business owner who wants to engage the experts to position their business to attract the best purchaser.
Jane G., Seller
June 2011
Jesse! I wish you guys were my advisor… you are one tough negotiator
Rishav G., Purchaser
January 2011
Please know that I was very impressed with the complete and professional information package provided by Neumann Associates.
Claudio R., Investor
You have been extremely professional and we won’t forget it
Lisa Chiarolanzio, Seller
October 2010
I just picked up our final payment on the business from Jim. Just wanted to thank you once again for finding us a good buyer. That sale was huge in our lives and you will always be the hero to me
Paula Long, Seller
February 2010

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