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Client Testimonials

We retained A Neumann & Associates a few years ago to value our three companies and were impressed with their professionalism, thoroughness and expertise.
Tom Buchas, President Active Learning Centers, LLC
March 2015
With a family owned business, there are emotional ties that sometimes blur the best decisions for the business. Gary was able to handle the situation with empathy and his knowledge made what could be a tearful discussion, filled with opportunity.
Heather Miller, CEO
March 2015
Thank you for the detailed information that you provided. I wish I could count on such clear, thorough documentation from all of the deals I look at!!!
Mark D., Investor
August 2014
We are dealing with a lot of M&A advisers, and very often we don’t get phone calls returned or the proper documents. This firm always follows up and is very diligent in its preparation and introduction. You [referring to the seller] picked the right advis
Bruce Hartman, Investor & former CFO Footlocke
February 2014
A lot of my associates that I’ve dealt with for a number of years are hearing that I sold the business and I’m telling them how happy I was with the service that you provided for me.
Andy Cohen, Seller
December 2013
I personally want to thank you for all your help in this transaction. Your optimism and creativity in trying to get this deal done was incredible
Jags V.,Investor
October 2013
Your paperwork is much more extensive than from any other broker, including your NDA… and I have looked at many companies. Appreciate the upfront work
Daniel Slep, Investor
July 2013
I am impressed with the plethora of documents. You are clearly vetting your clients thoroughly
Peter Fiverson, Investor
March 2013

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