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I utilized A. Neumann & Associates to assist in an M&A process. They are VERY thorough in using their time-tested process to calculate the value of investment opportunities, a process which provided a very detailed explanation for the value of the potential opportunity. Additionally, they also went above and beyond to extend other services including connecting with others who specialize in your industry and can assist with necessary steps including legal and accounting. Highly recommended!
Edward Lane , Business Owner
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I recently contacted A. Neumann and Associates about getting a valuation of my business done. I spoke with Achim, who explained the process in detail. He had his colleague Gary come to my office in order to get a clear understanding of my business, and what I was hoping to accomplish. His patience in answering all my questions and his knowledge of the proper way to market my business gave me great confidence that this is the firm I will be using when the time comes for me to sell my business for max value. They gave me great insight into the steps I need to take now to get the best deal in the future. I highly recommend this firm to anybody who wants to sell now or down the road. They not only know their stuff, their actually just real nice guys.
Robert Kardane, Business Owner
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As a buyer, I’ve had a great experience working with Karin and the rest of the team. They do an excellent job of looking at a deal from the buyer’s lens and including all the relevant information required for decision making, in the CIM*. The level of professionalism and quality by which the CIMs are written is truly outstanding.
E.A., Private Equity Investor
December 2019
As a 40 year business owner, I attended the workshop in order to understand best practices and to prepare myself, and my clients, for the eventual ownership transfer process either to a family member or third party. All questions were answered professionally and directly which I appreciated because I arrived seeking to understand the fees involved and how to engage with their firm years prior to when I plan to retire. If you are considering attending an ANA seminar, you will enjoy the experience, and leave with a valuable workbook and make some new friends during your time with A. Neumann & Associates.
Paul Seroka, Business Owner
November 2019
These guys are good, they put very professional information together. You are very well represented [as seller].
JC Maldonado, Private Equity Investor
September 2019
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Working with Achim and Gary was very easy and professional. I did not know all that was going to be involved but they helped me through the process. A major value of their service is knowing what the team is supposed to do and when – this was very helpful and a novice surely couldn’t do that by themselves. I certainly would give A Neumann & Associates high marks and fully recommend their services to someone looking to sell their business.
Michael Palmer, Seller
June 2019
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This testimonial is for my total satisfaction with the work Tony Valentino and his company A Neumann Associates have provided for me. While I have not pulled the trigger yet for the sale of the business, I am confident that when the time comes Tony will do the right thing. Tony has provided guidance throughout the entire process, while never making me feel pressured. There are no surprises.
Thomas M., Seller
February 2019
This is one of the best CIMs I’ve seen for a business this size — very thorough/insightful but concise at the same time.
Rick B., Investor
February 2019

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