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Business valuations are known as the process or result of determining the economic value of a company. Moreover, valuations are different from simply pricing, as it is based on the business’s actual performance.

For an owner considering a sale, the seasoned financial advisors at A Neumann & Associates, LLC are willing to discuss your ventures. Our business brokers will determine the demand for your business and recommend what actions you should undertake to increase the value of your business.

How To Determine Business Valuation in South Carolina

Determining the value of a closely held business requires experience, training, specialized skill, intuition, and judgment. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we deliver professional advice that you can rely on to make well-informed decisions when selling a business in South Carolina.

Business valuation has always been impacted by a multitude of factors, including its stage of development, the company’s industry, and the source of the invested capital. If you are interested in knowing what your company would sell for, A Neumann & Associates, LLC offers mergers & acquisition advisory, business brokerage, and professional financial services to serve all your needs.

By tailoring the scope of our business valuations to our client’s needs, our team’s evaluation report offers an overview of the company, discusses value drivers, outlines the analyses performed, and incorporates details to support the valuation conclusion.

Valuation Advisory Services

To ensure that you are making the optimal moves, we ensure that your business has the most accurate estimates of its Fair Market Value. A Neumann & Associates, LLC has a fundamental understanding of business that we use to approach each valuation scenario.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involve a variety of complexities, but our team has worked with many business owners by assisting them in negotiating the sale of their companies.

Whether you are considering selling your company or merging with another company, we guide all of our clients through the entire process of valuing, marketing, and ultimately, selling or merging their businesses.
Valuation is an essential part of mergers and acquisitions, as both the buyer and seller are guided to reach the final transaction price. The primary valuation methods that are used for valuation are as follows:

  • Discounted cash flow (DCF) method – the target’s value is calculated based on future cash flow and is generally used for healthy companies generating a profit.
  • Comparable company analysis – identifying similar valuation metrics for public companies to determine the value of the target
  • Comparable transaction analysis – identifying closed transactions within the past five years to find the fair market value

Ownership Transition & Advisory

After running a business for years, a transition of ownership may be one of the most challenging decisions a business owner faces. But if not handled correctly, the impact on its employees and the organization can be devastating. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC., we assist business owners with finding the ideal alternatives for selling their business.

Our team offers guidance services by identifying the pros and cons of every exit option while detailing assessments of financial strategies. By bringing our decades of expertise in pre-sale preparation of companies, we will present trusted, viable, and pre-qualified buyers interested in acquiring the type of business you are selling in South Carolina.

Collectively, our company has more than 100 years of transaction experience. Reach out to us at A Neumann & Associates, LLC today so that we can schedule a consultation with you. We will inform you about the buyer qualification process we will use to sell your business. A Neumann & Associates, LLC typically represents sellers of companies with a minimum of $500,000 in annual revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

While these are the most common questions we receive at A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we’d be happy to address your specific questions.

Is the date of a business valuation important?

Yes, the date of a business valuation is essential. Valuations for financial reporting and tax purposes are typically completed by the deadline. So, the valuations for mergers and acquisitions, financing, or other transactions must meet the requirements of all parties.

What information is needed to perform a business valuation?

To provide an accurate valuation, we will need the following documents: tax returns, profit and loss statements, interim profit & loss statements and balance sheets for the current year, balance sheets and tax returns for the last four to five years, and copies of any forecast, or projections. In addition, we will request a list of significant assets and inventory, information describing the company’s services and products, and reports by other consultants or professionals.

Can a business have more than one value?

Yes, at a single point in time, a business can have multiple values. A company can have different values for a willing buyer with no benefits versus a strategic buyer that may enhance value. A business’s value is determined by the price a hypothetical, ready, and willing buyer will pay.

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