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Determining your business’s value is an important step for anyone who is planning to sell their business, finance their retirement, or seek financing or investments from a bank or outside investors. There are several different approaches to assigning value to a business, and making sure that this figure is comprehensive and accurate is essential to ensure that you are getting the most value for the hard work you have put into growing your business. 

Working with a team of experts like those at A Neumann & Associates, LLC is one of the best ways to stay focused on your daily operations while an experienced business valuation specialist goes through the many documents and factors that contribute to assigning this value. We understand the importance of discretion and focus on confidentiality throughout this process, as we understand that any leaks about your valuation process can directly impact the value and may impede your ability to sell the business for what it is truly worth.

Read more below about the business valuation process, including some of the different factors of this procedure, and contact A Neumann & Associates as soon as possible to get started on your valuation today.

How To Obtain a Fair Market Valuation For a Florida Business

People may employ many different methods when assigning a valuation to their business, but many of these methods fail to tell the entire picture. When relying solely on tax data, profit & loss statements, or balance sheets, there are countless intangibles — such as projected growth, market position, and brand awareness — that will impact the value in a way that does not show on a spreadsheet. Working with an experienced business valuation consultancy like A Neumann & Associates, LLC is one of the best ways to ensure that these factors are included so that you can capitalize on the value of your business.

Recast Your Financials

When filing for taxes, the main goal is typically to reduce the total tax burden a business or owner must pay, meaning that many expenses are written off that could skew a potential buyer’s perception of how well the business is doing. For example, a company that posted $20,000 in profit with $2.5 million in revenue may have written off many factors that would change with new ownership, such as owner compensation and various write-offs like travel and dining expenses.

Recasting your financials in a way meant to indicate overall performance and not just reduce your tax burden is an important step in ensuring that your business valuation is accurate.

Quantify Your Market Position

Market positioning is an important growth factor in any business. If you are planning to establish a comprehensive valuation — whether your goals consist of raising capital, selling the business, or financing debt — then including your market position, competitors, your share of the market cap, and more, are all essential to quantifying your overall value.

Trying to quantify your market position can be difficult, but while working with a professional valuation consultant, you will be able to decide how to factor this variable when it comes to declaring a fair overall market value for your business.

Project Your Growth

Projected growth has many overlaps with market position but factors in a variety of other variables that can put a potential buyer at ease as they work through the math and decide whether or not to acquire your business. In high-growth markets, a high debt-to-income ratio may not be as an issue compared to a low growth business with a low market cap and high debt. 

Telling the story of your projected growth is essential to assign a clear value to your business, and quantifying this variable will be helpful to anyone who is trying to make sense of where your valuation calculations come from.

Work With Business Valuation Professionals Like the Team at A Neumann & Associates, LLC

As a business owner, it will be difficult to take a purely objective approach to valuing your business, which is one of the many reasons why working with a team of professionals is one of the best ways to reach a firm valuation. If you are planning to sell your business or raise additional capital through investments or financing, the team at A Neumann & Associates, LLC will help you navigate the entire process. This goes beyond simply valuing the company because we can help you understand your options and the best path forward depending on your goal.

Contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your needs and goals and get a clear understanding of the type of support we can provide you. Since 2003, we have provided essential services to businesses, including facilitating mergers & acquisitions, valuing companies, and more. When you are partnered with a proven team like ours, you can stay focused on running your business while we work to get you the answers you need as you look towards the future.

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