Real Estate Transactions

A Neumann & Associates, LLC is a business brokerage organization and not a real estate brokerage office. We focus exclusively on business transfers and not on commercial/residential real estate. (Unfortunately, fifty percent of business brokers in New Jersey are actually real estate agents with a tagged-on “business brokerage office” – and with very little financial education or experience.)

However, if a business owner wants to sell the underlying real estate in a business sale with A Neumann & Associates, a commercial real estate transaction can be performed within the framework of said business transfer.

Special arrangements have been implemented with an associated real estate company
ANA Commercial Real Estate, LLC.

Deal Structure

In general, it is more advantageous for a seller not to include real estate into selling a business. There are numerous reasons from the perspective of (a) maximizing value to (b) addressing different loan maturities. Further, most sellers personally – and not the business itself- own the real estate.

However, despite this experience over the past twenty five years, there are quite a few buyers who would never consider purchasing a business without real estate. Thus, we have experience in structuring both types of transactions in the past.

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