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Many business owners ask themselves, do I need to work with a business broker? A study by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) showed that 75% of business owners had no idea how they would sell their company. That is why working with a reputable Long Island business brokerage firm is a smart move when you are trying to buy or sell a business. A Neumann & Associates, LLC offers mergers & acquisition advisory, business brokerage, and professional financial services.

The professional business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC have your business appraised so that it is not priced too high, which will limit potential buyers, nor too low, which would undersell your business. Working with a professional business broker also saves you time. We have the resources gained from years of working in the business brokerage industry to help close a business sale. Among our many resources are accountants and experienced attorneys who advise you throughout the process. We conduct a comprehensive business review and create a marketing package to market your business to potential buyers. Lastly, we have decades of experience in negotiating on behalf of our clients, who are emotionally invested in their business and rely on us as an objective third party to be their advocate.

What skills and qualities should I look for in a good business broker?

When working with a business broker, you are developing a relationship that has to be based on trust. Here are some traits to look for in a business broker that go beyond what is listed on their resume.

They Maintain Confidentiality

When outside parties know that a business is up for sale, it could negatively impact the business – customer and suppliers can leave, then bank can cut credit liens, and the landlord might refuse a lease renewal. A Neumann & Associates, LLC has developed a strong reputation over the years by maintaining confidentiality through a sophisticated qualification process. Nothing replaces consistency and reliability, so call now to speak to an A Neumann & Associates business broker in Long Island.

Experienced in Pricing

A professional business broker from A Neumann & Associates, LLC conducts comprehensive business casg flow recastings, so our clients know what their businesses are worth. Pricing a business too high can scare away potential buyers, but pricing too low could mean underselling a business.

Knows The Market

Trends change, and that is especially true in 2021. The IBBA has reported that there are more first-time business buyers as a reaction to the pandemic, some of which is due to the Small Business Administration loans. The business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC keep their fingers on the pulse of the market and have developed the necessary wisdom from being in business brokerage for over three decades.

Mergers and Acquisitions

What distinguishes A Neumann & Associates, LLC from other firms is our ability to pursue beneficial acquisitions of firms successfully or make ideal matches between equal firms coming together in a merger. But no merger or acquisition is without risk, so how do you know that you are paying the right price to acquire or merge with another business that will continue to generate the income your shareholders want? How can you be confident that a merger or acquisition will be beneficial for all agents and principles involved? A Neumann & Associates, LLC has many years of providing business valuations to help make these difficult decisions more straightforward. We are also able to establish cooperative relationships between merging or acquired businesses that are profitable for many years.

A Neumann & Associates, LLC Is Your Long Island Business Broker

Our team in Long Island has extensive experience assisting global companies in their growth and has thus achieved many professional accomplishments in the areas of sales, management, and operations. With over 30 years of experience in multiple industries, our team has a particularly strong background in:

  • Textiles
  • Contracting
  • Services
  • Apparel
  • Hospitality
  • Wholesale / distribution and industrial sectors

Associates in our Long Island, New York office own their own company or grew up in a family-owned business and know firsthand the sacrifices and emotional investments that business owners make in pursuit of their goals. That is why we bring an analytical and sincere approach to meeting our customers’ needs while also maintaining full transparency and keeping open communication.

Our team has received numerous awards and recognitions, including Master Hotel Supplier designation. Holding business degrees from reputable universities such as Hofstra University and Cornell University, our seasoned executives enjoy partnering with business owners and helping them to achieve their goals. We are ready to answer your questions directly and professionally and leave you knowing more than you did when you initially contacted us. Give us a call at (732) 889-7404 or email us at info@neumannassociates.com

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