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With direct knowledge and experience in managing or owning a business themselves, the kind of advice you get from the professional New Jersey business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC is the kind you can trust based on decades of industry experience. These first-hand experiences help our business brokers in New Jersey to provide professional consultations on a wide range of fronts. All services offered by A Neumann & Associates, LLC are customized with the firm’s business brokers in New Jersey, regardless if you’re looking to buy or sell a business in New Jersey, invest in commercial real estate property in New Jersey, are seeking guidance on mergers and acquisitions in New Jersey, need assistance with an immigration visa in New Jersey, are seeking a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan in New Jersey, want to open a franchise in New Jersey, or are simply looking for an accredited business valuation in New Jersey

A Neumann & Associates, LLC specializes in the following services:

  • Serving as professional business brokers in New Jersey by offering complete mergers and acquisitions assistance, spanning from finding the right business for sale in New Jersey to due diligence to signing the final contract
  • Individualized and professional services with far-reaching exposure whether you are planning to sell or buy a business through our partnerships and strong ties with business brokerages and M&A firms in New Jersey as well as throughout the US and international associations.
  • Our seasoned professionals help find a franchise in New Jersey that is for sale or a fresh opportunity
  • Certified business valuation services in New Jersey
  • Knowledgeable team members help in the search and rental/purchase of commercial real estate

If you are interested in getting more information on any of the topics above and/or a free consultation on how A Neumann & Associates, LLC can assist you in buying or selling a business in New Jersey, business valuation and appraisal services in New Jersey, etc. then called today to schedule your free consultation the A Neumann & Associates, LLC office in New Jersey is located at the following address:

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