How do you know the value of my business?

How do you know the value of my business?

In establishing the Fair Market Value of your operations, we work with a few, selected nationally acclaimed valuation firms which have been rigorously qualified by our organization. Such firms provide close to 5,000 valuations a year, and have an outstanding knowledge and strong comparative database for the transaction values of recently closed business transfers in your industry and market segment.

We do not execute valuations ourselves to avoid any conflict between the analytical process and the business transfer process, however, we do collect all information on behalf of the valuations firms. Most of the information used for the valuation process and the later transfer process is identical, and thus, just dealing with one person reduces the time requirement on a business owner’s part.

There is no third party personnel coming onto your premise or discussing matters with your employees, our professionals are your sole contact point for you!

We typically meet for an hour with a business owner to ask various operational, marketing and financial questions, recast the last three tax returns, and establish an asset listing. We deliver these documents to the valuation firm and they will provide an extensive valuation report in form of an initial draft copy approximately two weeks later.

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