Why a M&A Advisor or Broker at all and not sell direct? Our experience shows that professional representation is vital for a business seller. Many times a seller gets bogged down when trying to sell a business direct. Often there is lack of performance in the business, the buyer controls the timeframe and the buyer gains too much leverage. Professional representation is vital to get the j... [read more]
Will the Real Estate negatively impact the Sale of the Business? Typically the inclusion of real estate in a transaction does not negatively impact the sale of a business. Often it creates advantages. There is more lending collateral making transactions easier which is a good thing. There is a memorandum that allows for the purchase or lease of the real estate keeping all options open. Home ... [read more]
Can you find Investors for my company if I want to stay on? Published on: Jun 2, 2015 Having an owner stay on with the business does not complicate the scenario. This is because we structure the Confidential Memo and Offer to Purchase so that is known upfront. All of the financial terms and human resources terms are presented up front. An Owner can stay on as a simple hire, earn out or persona... [read more]
Would a Buyer be Interested in my Business if We are Losing Money? Would a Buyer be Interested in my Business if We are Losing Money? It depends. If the cash flow is negative it may be difficult. Losing money can still mean positive cash flow. There are also items that are shown as expense that a buyer would not have to pay which a buyer would not have to concur. The buyer is more concerned a... [read more]
What separates a Neumann Associates from competition? Achim Neumann, President of A Neumann & Associates, LLC, a leading Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Business Brokerage firm on the East Coast, answers the question business owners often ask, “What separates A Neumann & Associates from other M&A Advisors and Business Brokers?" Home > All Videos > What separates a... [read more]
How to handle real estate in sale of a business? Achim Neumann, President of A Neumann & Associates who are Business Brokers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, and Delaware, answers the question business owners often ask, "How do you handle real estate in the sale of my business?" Home > All Videos > How to handle real estate in sale of a business ... [read more]
Have you had experience in my industry? Buyers typically look at businesses from a segment classification point of view, namely (a) manufacturing, (b) distribution, (c) service and (d) retail. Once this determination has been made, an investor then becomes concerned more about the performance of a company, the market trends, future projections, etc rather than the specific market segment requ... [read more]
Why does a business seller need a business valuation? Most importantly, the business needs to be offered at a realistic price and with reasonable terms. In the valuation preparation, a business owners needs to provide as much information as is possible so a professional valuation, marketing package, including a business profile, can be prepared on your company. The quality of the business pro... [read more]
How will you keep my business sale confidential? It is very important to maintain confidentiality preventing against employees, vendors, competitors, lenders, landlords and customers learning of a sale. Purchasers often attempt to request more information than they should be entitled to see without proper qualification - and most importantly, they will most definitely request so without a well ... [read more]
How do you know the value of my business? In establishing the Fair Market Value of your operations, we work with a few, selected nationally acclaimed valuation firms which have been rigorously qualified by our organization. Such firms provide close to 5,000 valuations a year, and have an outstanding knowledge and strong comparative database for the transaction values of recently closed business... [read more]
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