M&A Deal Structure

How to get the optimal deal structure?

Deal structuring consists of determining the acquisition vehicle, post-closing organization, the form of payment and so on. Learn more here. ... [read more]

Do you have a buyer for my business?

Do you have buyers for a business like mine?

The truth is that there are more buyers than sellers, in particular, for solid profitable businesses. Learn more how to sell your business here. ... [read more]

Why You Need an M&A Advisor

How does your firm make selling your business efficient and non-disruptive?

Here are all the benefits of hiring an M&A advisory firm to help sell your business. Click here. ... [read more]

Proper Business Valuation and Business Selling Negotiation

I may not sell my business for 2-3 years, Why should I do anything now?

A proper business valuation is important. A Neumann & Associates, LLC can help you with your business valuation, learn more here. ... [read more]

Independent Business Valuation

Why is it vital to have an independent valuation?

An independent business valuation will allowing a business owner to know exactly what business is truly worth. Learn more about business valuation. ... [read more]

A Neumann & Associates, LLC M&A Business Advisors Advantages

Why Is A Neumann & Associates The Best M&A Advisor For You?

A Neumann & Associates, LLC are the best M&A advisors for owners who are considering to sell their business. Learn more here about the advantages. ... [read more]
If you are considering selling your business, please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive service spectrum. Our experienced professionals will answer all your questions about selling a privately held business in complete confidentiality. Please Click Here to fill out a short form, or call us at (732) 872-6777. We will contact you directly and will never identify ourselves to yo... [read more]
We have closed more than 200 deals in a variety of industry segments, such as manufacturing, distribution, service or retail to name a few. Our expertise is to confidentially transfer businesses not in managing businesses - with the required industry detail knowledge. Transactions are executed in complete confidentiality at full Fair Market Value after an accredited valuation was put into place, t... [read more]
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