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The business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC assist individuals and companies with the purchase or sale of businesses. Our professionals assist business sellers in valuating their business and the business transfer process in multiple industries, particularly in technology, contracting, music, and publishing businesses. We help with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, from submitting the correct paperwork to secure licenses and permits, securing the best price

What is the role of a business broker?

Business owners looking to sell their business, or those looking to buy a business, often ask themselves, should I use a business broker, or do I have what it takes to sell my business on my own? There are many reasons why you should use a business broker when selling your business:

  • Pricing: The business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC can faciltate a valuation of your business so you get the best price. We know the market in your industry and will be able to advise you if your price is too high or too low.
  • Experience in negotiations: A lot of business negotiations involve significant back-and-forth, which can cost you time and money. It can also be an extremely stressful process because of how emotionally invested you are in your business. The business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC can act as objective third-party negotiators, taking the stress out of the process.
  • Marketing: After conducting a comprehensive review of your business, the brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC then prepare a presentation package for buyers so that they know the benefits of acquiring your business. In fact, we encourage you to ask us to see samples of our Confidential Memorandums (CM). Selling A Business

A Neumann & Associates, LLC offers a comprehensive set of business services for privately-held, mid-market firms. We assist you in all areas of selling your business, including:

  • The selling process
  • Sell-side due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Commercial real estate

Buy-Side Mergers and Acquisitions

When you are looking to buy a business, you may have many questions about the process and how a business broker can help you. At A Neumann & Associates, LLC, we assist in all areas of buying a business, including:

  • The buying process
  • Searching for businesses
  • Financing
  • Professional acquisition searches

A business valuation will help you to decide whether a merger or acquisition is in you and your shareholders’ best interest. We work with you every step of the way so that you understand how we came to the conclusions we draw as you decide whether or not the merger or acquisition is a beneficial one to pursue. One of our most reliable business valuation strategies is using a multi-faced valuation method based on the premise that a dollar today is worth much more than a dollar in the future. Give us a call to speak with a business broker and get expert advice on one of the most important decisions you may ever have to make about your business.

Do you need a license to be a business broker in South Carolina?

Each state has its own regulations regarding business brokers, with some requiring licenses and others not requiring them. While a license is not required in South Carolina, the business brokers at A Neumann & Associates, LLC have the education and credentials to be the best at helping our clients.

Qualities Of A Successful Business Broker


Great business brokers spend their days forming relationships with business owners and potential future clients. They deepen these relationships by consistently following up, learning more, and engaging with their new contacts. We are better able to serve our clients when we have developed a strong relationship with them.


The work of a business broker never ends. Our firm is constantly checking in with both buyers and sellers to make sure that buyers don’t fall through and that sellers consistently have their business marketed. Most importantly, your business broker needs to be motivated and dedicated even in difficult times.

How are business brokers paid?

Our business brokers receives a commission off the transactions that we oversee. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of a business goes to our fees in finding the right match for clients.

What distinguishes A Neumann & Associates, LLC as a South Carolina business brokerage firm?

A Neumann & Associates, LLC offers mergers & acquisition advisory, business brokerage, and professional financial services. A Neumann & Associates, LLC  has been executing successful company purchases and sales for over three decades. In addition to overseeing mergers and acquisitions, A Neumann & Associates, LLC has established itself as an industry leader for ensuring confidentiality by requiring buyers interested in a business not to disclose information about the potential sale. Call us now at (732) 889-7404 or reach us by email at info@neumannassociates.com so we can help you buy or sell your business in South Carolina.

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