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CONFIDENTIALITY is vitally important when working with any M&A professional during the selling process. A Neumann & Associates protects information about your business from being presented to unqualified buyers. The firm requires potential buyers to provide proof of financial ability to acquire your business and to sign various confidentiality documents. Thus, the Seller can make an informed selling decision, all within the confines and security of confidentiality.

FAIR MARKET VALUE A Neumann & Associates works with various, national valuation companies to determine the fair market value of your business. This highly professional process will require you to spend two hours with the firm, answering questions as they pertain to your business’ position in the market, competitors, employees and financial information. All information will be gathered by A Neumann & Associates, there will be no third party visits.

MORE BUYERS WITH LARGE NETWORK A Neumann & Associates, through its BBN affiliation, offers business owners the opportunity to access the largest Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Business Brokerage network in the world working to sell your business, not just one single local broker. Common sense says it is better to have the potential of 50 affiliate brokers nationwide seeking the right buyer for your business instead of one local office. In addition, we share commissions with brokers outside of our network, thus, providing an even larger network to our selling clients.

OUTSTANDING REPUTATION A Neumann & Associates is affiliated with many different organizations and has established a large network necessary to successfully match buyers and sellers. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey over the past seven years.

STRONG WEB PRESENCE The company has a very strong web presence, consistently ranked ahead of its peers – not only by way of the number of web marketing sites, but more importantly by its search engine ranking across key buyer and seller search terms.

NO-UP FRONT FEES We do not charge fees if we don’t sell your business Ð plan and simple! However, we also only take on clients where we see a realistic chance to sell the business.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING Poor packaging of business, insufficient (or incorrect) documents, is one of the major complaints expressed by buyers. We have been told by hundreds of buyers that BBN has the best and most professional packaging in the industry, ensuring that sellers are effectively motivating the acquisition of their business. All our offices have standardized and detailed packaging, which, in addition to its appeal to prospective buyers, makes it easy for one Affiliate office to quickly understand a business listed by another. When a prospective Buyer is presented the information on your business, the Buyer will be able to have most of his questions answered and be able to make an informed buying decision.

MULTIPLE OFFERS Finding one prospective buyer is insufficient. Creating competition among multiple buyers should be any professional’s goal, not to just find a single buyer. A buyer without competition feels free to offer less than the full value of a business. When a buyer knows several other buyers are looking at the same business, they are hesitant to offer less than the price and terms being solicited.

As the only true national firm in the industry, BBN has offices covering every state in the nation. No other M&A firm even comes close. A prospective buyer can contact any local BBN Affiliate Office, and upon qualification, the prospective buyer will have access to listed businesses from Affiliated offices in the desired area.


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If you are considering selling your business, please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive service spectrum. Our experienced professionals will answer all your questions about selling a privately held business in complete confidentiality. Please to fill out a short form, or call us at (732) 872-6777. We will contact you directly and will never identify ourselves to your employees.

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