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Our firm offers a comprehensive set of business services for the valuation and the sale of privately held, mid-market firms.

Representing Business Sellers

For most owners, selling a company is a once a lifetime event. As a matter of fact, a recent IBBA study suggests that “75% of owners have no idea how they will exit from their business.” Most business owners have simply no transactional experience and can ill afford to make significant errors in this process.

Our firm’s broad experience with over 1000 affiliated M&A professionals in the field and collectively more than 100 years of transaction experience in this office will provide the best results to potential business sellers. We are a full service firm, providing advisory services from the very first step to the final closing (and often beyond that).

for selection criteria.

Business Valuations

Business valuations are essential as a first step of attributing a proper value to a business. Our firm urges sellers to have a valuation performed by an independent, third party before selling, because buyers do not consider sellers “as serious” if such appraisal has not been put in place.

(We strongly recommend against using valuations from “in-house’ valuation departments of business brokerage firms because such valuations not only are subject to conflict of interests scenarios but they are also not considered as objective by investors).

In addition to typical business transfer valuations, we can help to facilitate valuations for estate planning, IRS matters, partnership conflicts, financing requirements and other reasons. Quite often we are contacted by law firms, accounting firms or other professional firms in this respect.

to learn more about valuations.

Turn-Around Consulting

Other_Services_Overview1On occasion, a business needs turn-around advisory services, in essence, putting a company onto “firm ground” first before a business transfer makes sense. We provide time limited, project defined assignments in this respect either by way of consulting through our professionals or by way of finding a highly qualified business coach.

Our firm’s principal has extensive project experience for international consulting assignments with a Fortune 500 company, having worked in teams along such prestigious firms like the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey.

Transaction Advisory Services

We support business parties in non-traditional transactional matters such as leveraged buy-outs, selling to management members or transactions between partners within partnerships. This can also include family transition plans as it pertains to a business.

Most of these transactions required financing whereas we can recruit our excellent contacts to numerous regional and national lenders. Or it will require specific tax planning, where, again, we can recruit any one of numerous highly qualified professionals in the field.

Targeted, Specialized Investor Search For Buyers

We provide a three-tier acquisition program for serious investors, which is considerably more sophisticated and efficient than traditional methods such searching websites or looking in newspapers.

For example, the initial step would consist of inserting an investor’s specific search criteria into our national MIS, essentially putting the request in front of 1,000 professionals who are in daily contact with a huge number of business owners throughout the country.

This full pro-active acquisition program will ultimately identify significantly more interested sellers than there are currently “on the market” from a traditional approach.


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