Richard Wilder

Richard Wilder has over 35 years of applied knowledge in many facets of business.  During his career, he has held senior management roles in large organizations as well as startups.  For the majority of his career, he held senior leadership positions in operations, sales, account management, technology, information management, marketing and business strategy.  He has worked with clients of all sizes and enjoys helping them meet their business needs.  

Richard was part of the management team that grew Iron Mountain from $3m to $3b, that included the acquisitions of over 200+ companies during his tenure.  He was the President and owner of a custom music technology company that he later sold.  Early in his career, Richard ran the largest football camp in the nation.

Richard earned his BBA in Management from Easter Connecticut State University.  Outside of the office, Richard serves on the local Civic Association Board as the Vice President.  He is an avid scuba diver and enjoys rehabbing houses.  He lives with his wife Laura in Southern Maryland.

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