Michael Mosse

With over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, with a clientele across industries, Michael is able to provide a unique perspective as a result of his multiple roles.

He was a co-founder and partner of a family owned business for nearly 30 years, the last 10 + of which he served as President & Managing Partner. As Managing Partner, Michael was responsible for both serving his clients and managing the business: operations, strategy, and financial. In addition, Michael and his partners sold the firm twice, first in in 2002 to National Financial Partners (NFP). After having managed the firm as a wholly owned subsidiary of NFP, the partners re-acquired the firm in 2013, with Michael leading the efforts, including arranging the financing. After increasing both revenue and net income by over 50% in 2 ½ years, and due to favorable market conditions, Michael, working closely with his investment banker and other advisors, engineered the sale of the firm for a second time in 2017 at 8x EBITDA, a 60% increase of multiple.

In addition to managing the firm and the multiple M&A transactions, Michael was a retirement plan consultant/financial advisor (and firm’s practice leader), serving mid-market companies, primarily privately held, working extensively with CEOs/Owners, CFOs, Treasurers and HR. As a consultant, Michael, known as a thought leader within the industry, advised his clients in the plan design, investment strategies and the ultimate success of their retirement plans, and was known for designing innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The combination of Michael’s experience as both a consultant and as a business owner, and having gone through multiple M&A transactions, will invariably lead to successful outcomes for his clients.

Michael lives on Boston’s North Shore and enjoys golf, travel, and especially, spending time with his family.

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