Claus Madsen

Claus recently concluded his latest business venture, a struggling company he took over in 2015, facilitated a turnaround, and in 2018 sold to the market leader in the segment. He has another 14 mid-level acquisitions under his belt from a 12-year stint with one of the world leading facility services companies, in Latin America and Asia. In his capacity as CEO, Claus was responsible not only for identifying and negotiating the deals, but also ensuring the right implementing of the acquired companies with the existing business. Prior to that he worked 10 years for two small and medium sized companies on the sales and marketing side, first with responsibility for their European expansion and later leader for the world-wide distributor network and subsidiaries. His background includes a BS in economics from the Copenhagen Business Schools, an MBA in finance and marketing from Fordham University in New York, and various executive programs from Stanford and IMD business schools.

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