Angel Investing or Buying A Business?

As the year 2013 draws to an end, the recent article by the Wall Street “What You Need To Know To Become An Angel Investor” (December 2, 2013) has caught our attention. “This question is particularly interesting as we consistently receive related questions by investors across all of our five ... [read more]

Current Value of Your Business and Value Drivers

There are many reasons business owners need a business valuation.  Estate planning, partnership splits, refinancing, recapitalization or divorce are just a handful of scenarios where business valuations are needed.  Another tremendous and underutilized use of business valuations is a current snap... [read more]

Increased Buy Side Activities

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ -With the slow thawing of credit markets and a diminished decline in economic activities, we see increased buyer activities. A recent new engagement generated 50 inquiries just within five days. Thus, we seem to see a trend that continues from what we had stated in our earlier... [read more]

Economic Recovery?

Exploring a little further the topic of our last email, namely the up-tick in transaction activity in the spring, we can report that March has been our second busiest month ever in the history of the company. Buyer inquiries have dramatically increased, and assuming this trend being an early indicat... [read more]
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