What Is An Investor To Do Now?

What is the investor to do now? With record amounts of cash on the sidelines, debt yields at history lows and gold hitting new highs, many potential investors/business buyers are questioning where the economy will be heading from here and what is the best time to acquire a business. Whereas we woul... [read more]

Distressed Takeovers Soar

The brutal recession is opening up the landscape to vulture investors as never before. New data show that distressed-debt deals — in which creditors use their debt positions to seize ownership of troubled companies — are running close to double the pace of 2008. Some 140 of the deals have been s... [read more]

Retailers Negotiate Rent Reductions

Retail chains are using the fine print in their leases to demand rent reductions, eking out critical savings and pressuring mall owners already struggling with vacancies…. …. Retailers that want to stay put are using the triggered clauses to negotiate multi-year rent reductions from their landl... [read more]

2008 Stimulus Package Will Impact Financials Of Small Companies

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – June, 2008 – Small business owners who raced to file their company’s taxes last month might recoil from the thought of planning for next year’s marathon. But they will be tempted by two new deductions, as the corporate headquarter of Business Broker’s Network, Dallas,... [read more]
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