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Business appraisals help quantify the key factors driving a business

A sound business valuation appraisal is a fundamental requirement for every size company. When interacting with small to mid-sized business owners and their advisors, there is increasing evidence that “strategic” business appraisals are being employed as a vital planning tool.

Business appraisals can help reveal hidden weaknesses and strengths of a business. Very often savvy business owners realize that they need to establish a baseline value for their business in order to improve certain features of it. This type of “strategic” business valuation appraisal is established to determine the key factors driving the value of an operation.

We increasingly find business coaches, financial planners, estate attorneys, wealth managers and CPAs suggesting that their clients look into the business appraisal process for the purposes of family succession planning, partnership buy-outs or disputes, business expansion, and long term exit strategies.

A business appraisal is a valuable long-term investment

Business appraisals may seem like a short-term luxury, but they are truly long-term investments. It’s only natural for small and family-owned business owners to spend the majority of their time thinking about things such as short-term cash flow, personnel issues, customer satisfaction and the like. The wise businessperson however, also finds the time to look at the bigger picture by understanding what the true value of their largest asset is— the business itself. This is where business valuations are vital.

It’s here that the business owner truly benefits from a strategic business valuation appraisal. You get all the information required to succeed and effectively position your business for a sale ten or fifteen years out. The increasing demand for strategic business valuations is clearly evidence of this positive trend in the marketplace.

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