Professional Business Advisors

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – April – As professional advisors to small business owners, one knows the challenges client’s face, day-in, day-out, particularly, in these times when many businesses face a down turn. Eventually, every business owner will need to sell the business or close it down. Af... [read more]

Springtime Fever?

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – April – As unlikely as it appears, spring does indeed increase transaction flow. Whereas one would think that numbers don’t lie and result in the same analysis throughout the year, it’s the springtime that gets the juices flowing. And similar to the real estate marke... [read more]

A Brilliant Time To Invest?

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March -In July 1993, Tom Siebel launched Siebel Systems, which made software for managing corporate sales staffs. The U.S. economy was faltering, and the market for his product was new and untested. In other words, the timing couldn’t have been better. Also Online Peter ... [read more]

A Buy Side Uptick?

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March – Being in the business of assisting business owners and buyers to match each other, we have noticed a significant ‘uptick’ in recent weeks on the buy side. Combining the effects of more readily available financing and few attractive alternate investment vehicl... [read more]

To P/E or Not to P/E

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March – A look at the Dow industrials shows that the entire late-1990s bubble, not to mention the rally from 2003 to 2007, has been completely washed away. With the Dow closing below 7000 for the first time in more than 11 years, one can’t help but wonder, using tradit... [read more]

SBA Changes

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – February – For those of you that attended my presentation on SOP 50-10 (5) as it relates to Business Valuation, thanks for the participation. As a follow up, I wanted to touch on a very important issue related to SOP 50-10 (5) A) Page 139 section F. Change of Ownership (... [read more]

Buy/Sell Ideas for 2009

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ. – February –We wanted to briefly get in touch with you with some perspectives for 2009 – from an organization that has lived through several economic cycles and challenges as we experience today. On the buy side, the infinite pursuit of determining the “best buying po... [read more]

Considerations For Professional Advisors

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ. – February – As a professional advisor to small business owners, you know about the hardships in trying to make a business successful, in particular in these challenging times. We are certain many business owners have experienced some type of decline in their business in ... [read more]

New SBA Lending Guidelines For Buyers Of Small Businesses

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ. – January – Despite popular belief, there is still plenty of money available to finance business acquisitions. Lender terms have grown more strict, but not restrictive. In August 2008, the SBA lengthened the pay-back period for business acquisition loans from seven years ... [read more]

The Importance of Due Diligence

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – October, 2008 – While buying a small business may seem to be an exciting venture, you need to do your homework when gathering information on the business. The ‘doing your homework’ process is known as conducting due diligence, meaning exercising care in a transaction... [read more]

How To Sell Your Small Business

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – October, 2008 – As small business owners, you know the hardships in trying to make a business successful. Making a return on your investment is the biggest challenge an owner can face, especially if the owner does not have time or patience to put into selling their business.... [read more]

2008 Stimulus Package Will Impact Financials Of Small Companies

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – June, 2008 – Small business owners who raced to file their company’s taxes last month might recoil from the thought of planning for next year’s marathon. But they will be tempted by two new deductions, as the corporate headquarter of Business Broker’s Network, Dallas,... [read more]

Weak dollar exchange rate leads to foreign investment interest

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – May, 2008 – With the value of the dollar declining, foreign buyers have increasingly considered purchasing a company in the US to establish a foothold in the world’s largest economy. With fewer foreign currencies units to be paid, investments are considerably less risky i... [read more]
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