The Investor Visa – A Win-Win for Everybody

As it has been reported on quite a few occasions, the US lacks qualified labor in the high-tech industry. This shortage has received considerable exposure in the press and on Capitol Hill, as such industry giants like Intel, Apple and Google all are facing a shortage of labor and struggle to suppo... [read more]

A Salute to the Small Business Owner

There are countless stories about small business start-ups. As the author notes, “my father is a small business owner.  He came to the United States in 1967 – learned a new language, forged some key relationships, invested the little money he had and started his own graphics firm in 1972.  Tha... [read more]

They Are All Big Deals – Tips for A Successful Business Acquisition

If you are purchasing an existing business to add into your own, you are taking a step that involves a lot of terrific potential but also a lot of risk.  In truth, a considerable portion of company mergers fail. But there is a lot to you can do to tilt those odds more in your favor.  They are all ... [read more]

Top Five Things Investors and Business Buyers Look For

During the past ten years, our firm has seen consistent behavior among investors & buyers when they contemplate a company investment or a company acquisition. “As a matter of fact,” says Achim Neumann, President of A Neumann & Associates, LLC, a New Jersey-based Mergers & Acquisition... [read more]

Be Proactive to Maximize Value

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.   — Sun Tzu Selling a company is a monumental job – one that most business owners expect (and hope) to do only once in their lives.  After all, the company is generally the most sig... [read more]

A Business Sale without Tax Planning?

Ask ten potential business sellers what’s most important about selling their businesses and at least nine will answer, “Getting the highest price.” That’s not true, or at least shouldn’t be. Typically, finding an investor with a full price offer to buy a business is less challenging than f... [read more]

No Motivation – No Deal

As the year draws to an end, it is interesting to review our investor inquiries and deal flow in 2014 in order to identify some of the contributing factors that left some business sellers, as well as investors, without a deal. Most significantly, one factor is the outstanding one: motivation – or ... [read more]

When is the Best Time to Sell My Business?

At A Neumann & Associates, we get asked the question “When is the Best Time to Sell My Business?“ all the time.  The answer is tricky.  While there are “better” times than others, quite honestly there is no way to tell “the best” time to transfer out of a business.  With that said... [read more]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The Seller with No Time

Last month, I addressed one of the two worst things we’ve seen happen in the M&A world.  In that article, I talked about the worst one: the buyer with no money.  In this installment, I’ll discuss the other awful situation we run quite often – the seller with no time. The “seller with n... [read more]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We’re often asked – most often by people who are looking to do business with us – what are the worst things we’ve seen happen in the M&A world.  We all have our experiences and our stories, but two major ones always make it to the top – the buyer with no money and the seller with no ... [read more]

How do you know the value of my business and what kinds of deals are possible?

Many business owners have some idea as to the value of their business.  We often hear something like, “My friend had a similar business that he sold for one times sales revenue.”  Or “My brother-in-law had a business which was sold for 3 times cash flow.”  Or, “Businesses in our indust... [read more]

Fund Raising – On the Buy and Sell Side!

One recurring theme in recent weeks that we are seeing in the news, as well as in our business interactions is  the continued need for small to mid-sized businesses to obtain funding. “Whereas we have seen banks being more prepared to issue loans these days throughout the region we serve (the co... [read more]

Don’t hit the Wall – Buy Growth

It’s hard to pick up a serious business journal without seeing articles about major corporations targeting substantial M & A activity in the coming year.  Interest rates are still at historical lows and a number of valuable acquisition targets are beginning to become available.  As a result... [read more]

A Failed Direct Deal?

Quite often our firm is hired to establish a value for a company through an independent accredited fair market valuation, but then we find the company’s owner attempting to sell the company on his own. “The concept of ’doing a deal‘ directly might be enticing and perceived as a good way to ... [read more]

The Five Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Selling Their Company

Most business owners think they know what their firm is worth – or worse, don’t think it is very important.  Unfortunately, both approaches are equally disastrous.  You only get one chance to sell your firm and it must be done correctly in order to maximize the financial return.  The first a... [read more]

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid – Get an Arms-Length Valuation

One critical flaw that key executives and business owners make is, not knowing the business fair market value. Fair market value is defined by the international business glossary as: The price, expressed in terms of cash equivalents, at which property would change hands between a hypothetical willi... [read more]
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