ANA Annual Scholarship Program

This program is currently paused due to the Covid19 closings of many universities

A Neumann & Associates, LLC has established an Annual $1,000 Business Scholarship Program sponsoring talented students who plan to pursue a career in business.

The scholarship will be awarded to the student with the best 500-word essay entitled, “What it Takes to be Successful in Business” after the ANA team reviews all submissions.


Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, 15 hours of coursework taken (or registered for) in business related course work and be enrolled full-time at a university or college offering a business degree during the award period. The scholarship is available to all students enrolled at a US based college or university, regardless of their country of origin or nationality.

Graduate students must hold at least one baccalaureate degree and be registered as a full-time graduate student.


Each student needs to submit a:

1) 500-word essay (double spaced, type written) entitled “What It Takes to Be Successful in Business”
2) Resume
3) Proof of three business courses taken or registered for
4) Proof of current GPA

Deadline to submit is March 15 and August 15 of each year.

The application needs to be submitted in written form and sent by physical mail to:

ANA – Scholarship Program

Postal Box 500

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716-0500


The awards will be announced April 15 and September 15, respectively, are set at $500 per semi-annual award and will be paid out on May 30 and October 30, respectively.

An award will only be issued when at least ten submissions are received.


With the application, the applicant consents to the company reviewing each submitted document and to retain such in company files. Company shall not be obligated to return any submitted documents. Further, applicant agrees and approves of the company issuing a press release of the award, supplying the applicant name and photo to a general press release distribution.


[This scholarship program is subject to review and change by management at management’s sole discretion. Interested participants need to stay in touch with this web site for updates]


Past Winners:

Fall 2019 – Mirjam Nagel

Spring 2019 – JA McKinney

Fall 2018 – Chad Foster

Spring 2018 – Chadwick Alivarius

Autumn 2017 – Elyse Pozniak

Spring 2017 – Hailey Stevens

Fall 2016 – Lindsay Swanson

Fall 2015 – Nicole Lewis


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