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We have established a Preferred Investor Program designed to help professional investors to reach the specific target pool of investments in a desired segment in a very efficient manner. Specifically, our program provides numerous investor benefits typically not obtained by a direct approach:

  • Confidentiality for the Buy-Side investor;
  • Avoidance of “Asking Price Premium” due to buy-side inquiry;
  • Realistic valuations based on true cash flow of a company – including hard to detect “seller benefits” not commonly identified on tax returns;
  • Comprehensive investment package, consisting of Confidential Memo, Market Researchand Valuation to allow for preliminary investment decisions in a professional environment;
  • Advisory availability throughout entire acquisition process, including referrals to the firm’s deep network of tax experts, transaction attorneys, other professionals;
  • Referral to lenders and debt financing sources for acquisition funding based on our wide network of proven lenders;

In today’s economy, there are three times as many investors as there are sellers of viable, profitable businesses. To gain a competitive advantage in identifying the right investment opportunities, investors consistently rely on our firm to help them meeting their objectives.

Everything we do is completely confidential and there is no obligation in simply speaking with us to explore this opportunity. Our fees are very moderate in helping you to identify the right investment opportunity.

to obtain more information from our buy-side department.


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If you are considering selling your business, please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive service spectrum. Our experienced professionals will answer all your questions about selling a privately held business in complete confidentiality. Please to fill out a short form, or call us at (732) 872-6777. We will contact you directly and will never identify ourselves to your employees.

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