Excellent long-term client relationships

Historically and particularly in these tough economic times it is difficult and time-consuming to acquire new clients. It’s therefore critical to maintain excellent long-term client relationships with your existing clients. Generally the first year of a client relationship is the easiest to maint... [read more]

Business Expansion

The opportunity for a business owner to expand their business is both exciting and potentially risky.  When you are considering expansion, it generally means potential growth of the business which is a positive development. However, jumping into expansion without considering several key questions ... [read more]

A Good Start Into 2010

We have seen a significant uptick in recent weeks in activities, from buy and sell side. This is most strongly reflected by a significant increase in buyer inquiries. However, the sell side, too, has shown more readiness and several business owners expressed their desire to sell. But whereas in the... [read more]
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