A Brilliant Time To Invest?

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March -In July 1993, Tom Siebel launched Siebel Systems, which made software for managing corporate sales staffs. The U.S. economy was faltering, and the market for his product was new and untested. In other words, the timing couldn’t have been better. Also Online Peter ... [read more]

A Buy Side Uptick?

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March – Being in the business of assisting business owners and buyers to match each other, we have noticed a significant ‘uptick’ in recent weeks on the buy side. Combining the effects of more readily available financing and few attractive alternate investment vehicl... [read more]

To P/E or Not to P/E

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – March – A look at the Dow industrials shows that the entire late-1990s bubble, not to mention the rally from 2003 to 2007, has been completely washed away. With the Dow closing below 7000 for the first time in more than 11 years, one can’t help but wonder, using tradit... [read more]
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